Frequently Asked Questions
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What is BMCSpace and how do I use it?
A new electronic student services feature has been added to the BMC website called BMCSpace. You will find the link to BMCSpace located on the home page of the Blue Mountain College website ( or you can go to When you click on this link, it will take you to a login for BMCSpace. There you will find some of the following features along with other updates that will be happening throughout the semester:
How do I get an email address?
Blue Mountain College provides each student with an e-mail account. This account is an excellent means for communication with family, friends, and BMC faculty and staff. It will remain active as long as you are enrolled at Blue Mountain College.

Professors will contact you through your e-mail address. If you take Technology in Education, you will use your BMC e-mail account as a part of this course. It is advisable to check your BMC e-mail often.

E-mail Account Assignments:

Returning Students: If you pre-registered for the Fall semester, you should already have a BMC e-mail account. If you do not, contact ITS support at and request an e-mail account.

Incoming Freshmen: Freshmen will receive their e-mail accounts during Freshman Year Experience (Fall Semester only).

New Transfer Students: New transfer students will receive their e-mail accounts during Transfer Student Orientation.

The Office of Information Technology assigns each student an e-mail account and it will be consist of the first name and your complete last name (i.e., John Smith would be: Please be aware that students’ email accounts prior to the Fall 2009 semester will remain the same with the first character of the first (or preferred) name followed by your complete last name (i.e., John Smith would be: If we have students with the same last name we will defer to add your middle initial to the email address.
How do I access my BMC Email account?

Once an e-mail account is established, a student may access e-mail on or off the BMC campus by the following steps:

  1. Open your Internet browser program (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari / Chrome)
  2. Accessing the Blue Mountain College homepage  (
  3. Clicking on the “BMC E-Mail” link. You will then see the login screen.
  4. In the first field, type in the e-mail address
  5. Tab to the next field and enter the password

    Initial passwords will be set to a student’s college identification number. This number may be found on paperwork that comes from the Office of Business Affairs. A student may change their password. However, once the password is changed—only the student knows the new password. Be sure and write it down or memorize it.

    When signing the Student Computer Use Agreement, a student agrees to read the Acceptable Computer Use Policy (Policy 2.22 may be found at

How do I sign up for Campus Alerts?

We have now added a mass instant notification system. This system will be used to enhance campus safety by instantly notifying students via text message, email and other forms of communication. This would include some of the following alerts:

  • Emergency Broadcasts
  • Campus Threats
  • Weather Advisories
  • School Closings
  • Event Cancellations

You will need to click on the link called “Signup or Manage Instant Notifications” to register for this service. It is free to you as a student of Blue Mountain College, however, the responsibility of participating in and keeping your information up-to-date is strictly up to you. So, be sure and sign up and keep your information as current as possible.

What technology is available in the Library?
The library has ten laptop computers which can be checked out that have Microsoft Office installed on them. The computers are also capable of Internet connection and online catalog access. The online catalog is available off-campus and on-campus by using the Internet access provided on the Blue Mountain College Web site. The ten computers are networked to a monochrome laser printer with printouts costing 15 cents per page.

Audio/Visual Center
The library has an audio/visual room that contains four TV/DVD/VCR combo units with earphones available for in-house use. In addition, two portable CD Walkmans with headphones are available for use in the audio/visual room. The CDs from the music library will be moved to the library from Garrett Hall for greater accessibility. Also, faculty members have the option of checking out the standalone DVD or VCR player that the library has to offer for classroom projects.
What technology is availble in Fisher-Washburn Building?
Curriculum Library
A Curriculum Library is available to education students for research and reference of educational related materials. Computers are located in this lab with Microsoft Office and Internet access for research purposes. The computers are linked to a computer that hosts a monochrome printer. This printer station has a student worker who will be able to help with the printing of pages for 15 cents per page. The printer station itself is to be used by the assigned student worker only.

Business Lab
The Business Lab contains twenty computers capable of Internet access and contain business software related to the business, education, and communication classes. This lab is open to students who are taking computer classes related to business, education, and communication. The schedule that the lab is open is provided to students. There is a monochrome laser printer networked by host computers that must stay on for students to print to them in the lab. There is also a scanner, which is hosted by one of the computers.
What is the CAL?

The CAL is the Center for the Advancement of Learning and is located on the second floor of Lowrey Administration Building in room 25.

Seventeen computers networked to printers and to the Internet are available for students using the services of the Center for the Advancement of Learning. Please schedule computer usage with the Director of CAL.