Agape North, Giving Back Project
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The BU 372 Ethics and Social Reasonability class held a giving back project this semester by pairing up with the company, Agape North. For every Agape North Polo shirt the class sold, the company donated a reversible basketball jersey to North Corinth Christian Academy's elementary team. Every team member received a new jersey. The class dominated their first goal and, in addition, moved on to succeed in an even larger goal of selling 69 Agape North tee-shirts to return a donation of every student enrolled in North Corinth Christian Academy a new School Uniform Polo. A total of 69 school uniforms.


The picture above is the entire Ethics and Social Responsibility class with students enrolled in NCCA and their new donations.


Jake Keller, a member of the BMC Topper Basketball Team, lead our presentation during NCCA Chapel.