The Courses

A carefully selected range of course offerings provides substantial basic essentials and also upper-level engagement in biblically-related studies. That range includes courses that are directly biblical, some that are more practical, some that are more historical, some that focus on interpretative skills, and some that probe issues and develop perspective. All of the courses provide the occasion for growth in the academic discipline, for acquiring conceptual skills, spiritual foundations, practical skills, service orientation, inclinations toward character and maturity, and substantial preparation for graduate training. The Honors Program with a focus in Biblical Studies is a three-semester six-hour intensive course of study directed by the professor and is designed to advance the student’s knowledge, skills, and credentials.

General Philosophy and Approach

The Department of Biblical and Associated Studies has a distinguished record in helping train and prepare students for Christian experience, Christian service, and for graduate study. The current department builds on substantial foundations that extend back at least to Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred Tyler, and is indebted to the vision set in place by General Lowrey and the Lowrey family of administrators. The department is well-named in that all its courses are either biblical in focus or are biblically-related. Students are introduced to careful study in the various academic disciplines included in Biblical Studies and are encouraged toward spiritual growth, ministry involvement, and planning toward graduate training.


In addition to engaging in the teaching which involves “data dissemination,” department personnel are vitally interested in training which includes the development of insights, perspectives, carefully calibrated approaches, and insights into how learning can be enhanced and extended over a lifetime of academic growth. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education, since the real learning occurs as students teach themselves through drill, mastery, rehearsing, questioning, probing, in the process developing reading and writing skills and some degree of critical thinking.


Departmental personnel have a definite investment in seeing their student “charges” develop both academically and spiritually and are committed to presenting Christian truth as that has been unveiled in Jesus Christ. In endeavoring to love the Triune God with heart, soul, and mind, those investing in Christian education as students and professors are involved with much more than “Christian content.” Christian education endeavors to embody Christian relational skills, Christian values, and Christian character and seeks to develop the building blocks for a vital Christian world view. Biblical Studies at Blue Mountain College hopes to lead the vanguard in that endeavor