Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts/Music
Bachelor of Science/Music
Bachelor of Science in Education/Music
Bachelor of Arts/Worship Leadership
Bachelor of Science/Worship Leadership
Bachelor of Arts/Fine Arts

What may I do with a major in Music?

  • Work in entry-level professional positions directing, planning, leading various groups such as community choral/orchestral groups, opera company, musical theatres, or ballet productions
  • Work in entry-level professional positions in musician selection for various musical groups
  • Compose/arrange for recording companies, opera companies, ballet troupes, Broadway
  • Work as music librarian for a college/university, public library, radio/television station
  • Program director for a radio/television station
  • Edit/mix virtual reality sound environments for internet sites and software creators
  • Provide music therapy for hospitals, special education facilities, mental health centers, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes
  • Audio technician
  • Music journalist for music-related publications

What may I do with a Bachelor of Science in Education/Music?

  • Teach music in K-12 schools, public and private
  • Teach music privately
  • Direct music programs in schools

Minors Offered:


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