Where to Give

When considering a gift to BMC, you are really making an investment in the lives of the next generation of committed women and men. There are several methods by which you can make that investment.

The Blue Mountain College Annual Fund

Can one person really make a difference? At Blue Mountain College, the answer is "yes." Each one of us has the opportunity to invest in Blue Mountain College. The BMC Annual Fund provides the opportunity for one to make his/her mark on the College through gifts that address immediate needs. Contributions to the Annual Fund enable the College to maintain its commitment to academic excellence without passing the entire cost on to students. Stated another way, a gift to the Annual Fund helps fill the gap that exists between the cost of providing a BMC education and the amount that students are asked to pay. Every gift, no matter the size, matters!

The Blue Mountain College Forward Fund

The BMC Forward Fund includes restricted gifts that assist with projects which are essential for Blue Mountain College to move forward with its long-range strategic plan. Gifts may be undesignated and applied at the President’s discretion to the area of greatest need or designated by the donor for projects such as

The Renovation of the Victorian House

The BMC Sportsplex

The BMC Southplex

Campus Beautification: Great Expectations "Special Projects"

Support for Academic Programming

Other (as designated by the donor)

The Blue Mountain College Endowment Fund

The BMC Endowment Fund is a trust fund whose income, but not the principal sum, can be expended to support the College. Because the principal remains intact into perpetuity, the donation has a much greater impact over a longer period of time than if it were spent all at once. Endowed scholarships fit into this category as do deferred gifts such as living trusts, annuity trusts, and unitrusts.

Many donors are also interested in supporting BMC through Planned Giving or through Volunteering. For more information on Planned Giving, call Jody Hill at 662-685-4771, ext. 111. For more information on Volunteering, call Pam Bowman at 662-685-4771, ext. 131.



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