Technology By Location


The library has ten laptop computers which can be checked out that have Microsoft Office installed on them. The computers are also capable of Internet connection and online catalog access. The online catalog is available off-campus and on-campus by using the Internet access provided on the Blue Mountain College Web site. The ten computers are networked to a monochrome laser printer with printouts costing 15 cents per page.

Audio/Visual Center
The library has an audio/visual room that contains four TV/DVD/VCR combo units with earphones available for in-house use. In addition, two portable CD Walkmans with headphones are available for use in the audio/visual room. The CDs from the music library will be moved to the library from Garrett Hall for greater accessibility. Also, faculty members have the option of checking out the standalone DVD or VCR player that the library has to offer for classroom projects.


Business Lab
The Business Lab contains twenty computers capable of Internet access and contain business software related to the business, education, and communication classes. This lab is open to students who are taking computer classes related to business, education, and communication. The schedule that the lab is open is provided to students. There is a monochrome laser printer networked by host computers that must stay on for students to print to them in the lab. There is also a scanner, which is hosted by one of the computers.


30 computers, 20 PC's and 10 MAC's, are networked to the Internet are available for students using the services of the Center for the Advancement of Learning. Please schedule computer usage with the Director of CAL. There is also a copier avaliable in the CAL. Copies are 15 cents each.


Curriculum Library
A Curriculum Library is available to education students for research and reference of educational related materials. 10 laptop computers are located in this lab with Microsoft Office and Internet access for research purposes. They may be checked out for use.


In Garrett Hall, there is a MIDI music lab (reserved for students who are or have taken MU418 Computers, MIDI and Music course) which has three PC MIDI workstations networked to a monochrome laser printer. This is only for music classes.

Wireless Technology

Wireless access is provided across the entire campus, look for the network with the name "BMC".

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