Majors in Social and Behavioral Science

Degrees Offered:
Bachelor of Arts/History
This degree includes 12 hours of foreign language along with a three-hour History internship. Many students acquire this degree in order to continue their education toward the Master of Arts degree in History and the PhD. in History. Students can also obtain positions in the areas listed above for the B.S. in History as well as teaching in the college / university level.  Please examine our internship page for more career possibilities and opportunities.

Bachelor of Science/History
This degree includes 14 hours in the physical and natural sciences along with a three hour History internship. Many students seek this degree in order to obtain positions in local, state, and federal government, museums, national and state parks, legal positions, and other various positions. Please see our internship page for more career possibilities.

Bachelor of Science/Psychology
A major in psychology seeks to promote the following general educational and personal goals:
  1. To aid the student in the development of a worldview, that integrates knowledge in psychology with other disciplines and the Christian faith;
  2. To apply/relate this knowledge to the problems and opportunities of contemporary society; and
  3. To explore with the student career paths in psychology and related fields.

    To help accomplish these goals, the major is imbedded in a liberal arts program and is committed to mainstream scientific psychology.  The empirical method of research is thus the model of preference.  During his/her studies, the student of psychology has the unique opportunity to relate psychological knowledge to other fields of study.  This opportunity should aid the student in relating psychological knowledge not only toward the direction and quality of life in general, but also toward the growth and enrichment of oneself.  The student is thereby encouraged to examine these issues within the context of the major.
Bachelor of Science in Education/Social Science
This degree is designed for students who plan to teach middle school or high school students. Concentrations in History and Psychology are also possible.

Minors Offered:
Social Science

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