Quality Enhancement Plan Suggestions

The QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) is a five year long program that Blue Mountain College institutes to improve one critical academic area. This program is an important part of our college’s continuing accreditation process, and since our last QEP has reached its completion, we must now create a new plan and submit this plan to the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (our regional accrediting body) for approval by the Spring of 2015. The QEP committee requests that students, faculty, and staff submit suggestions for an area to emphasize in our new QEP. Please note that the QEP should focus on a single academic area to improve and must evaluate that improvement. Other schools in our region have focused their Quality Enhancement Plans on such diverse topics as writing across the curriculum, critical thinking, reading skills, information literacy, public speaking, the integration of faith and learning, and computer skills. If you have an idea for our new QEP, please fill out the form below, and press the submit button.


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