Proctor Responsibilities
• Receive final exam instructions from online faculty at Blue Mountain College
• Ensure the identity of the student taking the online exam
• Maintain proximity with the student while he/she takes the online exam
• Help to ensure academic integrity while student takes the online exam
• Ensure the exam is taken in a neutral testing site (Not the student’s home)
Suitable Proctor Information:

Suitable proctors include the following:
• Pastors, Ministers, and other full-time church staff
• School teachers, administrators, counselors, or librarians
• Any full-time college or university professor or administrator
• Public librarians or full-time employees at a public library
• Any employee of higher rank than the student in the same company where the student is employed
• Armed forces personnel (For military students) of higher rank than the student
• Any professional testing center
Unsuitable proctors include:
• Relatives
• Spouse
• Peers
• Fellow Students

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