Policy 2.29 Distance Education Procedures

 1.    Protection of Student Privacy

Blue Mountain College protects the privacy of students enrolled in distance education courses and programs in the following ways:

  • The learning management system (Blackboard) stores limited personal information and access is limited to the individual student by a unique user name and password.

  • The student information system (CAMS) which contains information such as grades, ledger, transcript, demographic information, class schedules, and other similar information can only be accessed through a student portal via a secure login and unique password. The portal is managed by Information Technology Services. Students may choose to change his/her password at any time.

  • Access to student information is protected from unauthorized external access by a firewall between the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the College network.

2.    Additional Projected Student Charges for Identity Verification

Blue Mountain College does not charge students an additional fee associated with verification of student identity.

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