Transfer Policy

Requirement for Official Transcripts for Transfer Students

All entering transfer students must provide official transcripts of all prior college work; transcripts must be mailed directly from the college or university attended. Transcripts will be evaluated as promptly as possible by the Registrar implementing the faculty-approved guidelines prescribed in this policy. In general, full credit is given for courses taken at accredited institutions if a comparable course is offered at Blue Mountain College.

No credit is awarded for non-credit course work taken at another institution nor is remedial (below college level) course work transferable.

A maximum of 64 semester hours of credit may be transferred from a community or junior college to Blue Mountain College.

Transcript Requirements

Transfer students who have been enrolled in other colleges must submit official transcripts from each college attended and must be eligible to re-enter the last college attended.

Transfer students making application and on academic probation from the last college attended will be placed on academic probation at Blue Mountain College. Transfer students making application and on academic suspension from the last college attended are not eligible for admission until they serve-out the period of suspension. If admitted, the student will enter on academic probation.

After a student has been accepted for a degree at BMC and has earned a total of 64 hours toward a degree (including transferred work whether from a community or senior college), all additional credit must be earned at a senior college. Also, 25% of the total required degree hours must be earned at Blue Mountain College. Students seeking Special Education Endorsement, must complete 50% of the required coursework at Blue Mountain College. If a student wishes to take courses elsewhere after taking courses at BMC, they will need permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Additionally, 12 of a student’s last 18 semester hours must be earned at Blue Mountain College (except for those students in the medical technology program or nursing programs). Students must obtain permission in advance from their academic advisor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs before taking a course(s) from another college while they are pursuing a degree from Blue Mountain College.

Use of Transfer Grades

Entering grades and cumulative grade point average(s) based on face value of the applicants transcript(s) are only used for the initial admissions decision and for the determination of financial aid and athletic eligibility. Grades earned in course work at other schools are not used in calculating cumulative grade point averages (CGPA) at Blue Mountain College. In addition, courses in which students have earned “D’s” or “F’s” are not transferrable to Blue Mountain College. Financial aid is only available to students applying for admission to a Blue Mountain College degree program or those who are seeking a Special Education Endorsement.

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