Tuition, Fees & Payment

Tuition & Fees:
Tuition and registration fee per three-hour course: $1080
Online Processing Fee per course: $109
Total cost for a three-hour course: $1189

Blue Mountain College Mississippi Teacher Scholarship:
Blue Mountain College has instituted a teacher scholarship program to assist Mississippi teachers seeking certification in Special Education. The total cost of a three-hour online course for Mississippi teachers seeking certification in Special Education is $600 instead of the regular cost of $1,189. Mississippi Teachers who wish to take advantage of BMC’s Teacher Scholarship Program should check the appropriate block on the application form which will be sent to them by mail.

Once a student registers for a course, the Office of Business Affairs will send the student a bill via email. The student may pay the bill by cash, check or credit card. No student will be given access to the online course until the bill is paid.

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