Blue Mountain College offers online courses leading to add-on certification through the State of Mississippi in Library Media and Special Education or may take courses in general education/core.

Special Education

Blue Mountain College through an approved program with the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), offers a number of courses in elementary and secondary Mild/Moderate Disability. Students with questions as to how this coursework might be applied from state to state, should contact the Office of Teacher Licensure at the State Department of Education in the state in which they expect to receive certification.

Special Education Course Descriptions

General Education/Core Courses for Early Enrollment

The purpose of the General Education courses at Blue Mountain College are to prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Inspired by and consistent with the mission as a Christian College, the courses are designed to instill basic skills, knowledge, and attitudes deemed necessary for discipline study, global awareness, personal development, and reasoned response to a changing world. This educational experience should assist students as they build academic majors and minors and pursue meaningful careers in service to God and one another. All of the general education courses offered in the online format are required in degree programs at Blue Mountain College.

Blue Mountain College offers Dual Enrollment courses whereby early admission may be granted an applicant who has completed the junior year in high school and has a favorable recommendation from a teacher and/or a high school counselor. In addition, the applicant must meet at least two of the following requirements:

1. Have GPA of 3.0 or above
2. Have a consistently “proficient” score in the state testing program
3. Have an ACT score of 20 or above
4. Have a class rank within the top 10 % of their class.

General Education/Dual Enrollment Course Descriptions

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