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Dr. Barbara C. McMillin
May 5, 2014
Strong Finish

The much-anticipated last week of the semester has arrived; students and faculty alike are focused on the task at hand—the taking and grading of final exams. Best wishes to all for a strong finish to what has been a very fine year at Blue Mountain College. Graduating seniors, by the writing of the next Monday Message you will be alumni of this austere institution. Thank you for investing yourself in this special place. May you daily reflect on the positive and productive ways in which BMC has shaped and influenced your life. Congratulations to each of you for a job well done!

Returning students, may your summer away be all that you hope for. We look forward to welcoming you back. Between now and your return, we will be busy with upgrades to the dining hall, the installation of the wellness center, and the renovation of the South Campus facility for men’s housing. It will be a full summer of preparing the campus for another great year.

As I noted in my last chapel address, now would be a great time to offer a special word of thanks to the faculty and staff who have devoted themselves to serving you at BMC. Please let them know how much you appreciate their investment in you.

Saturday will be a stellar day on our campus as we conduct our 141st commencement exercise. Our speaker for both services is Trudy Cathy White, the daughter of Truett Cathy, the founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A. Mrs. White and her husband John are the co-founders of the Lifeshape Foundation. Mrs. White serves as the Director of WinShape Camps for Girls. We will look forward to welcoming her and our many guests to the campus on Saturday.

Dr. Barbara C. McMillin
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Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.
Matthew 22:37

Posted by Monday Messages on May 5, 2014 at 1:01 PM

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