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Dr. Barbara C. McMillin
April 15, 2013
Heaven on Earth
What a beautiful start to a new week! I couldn’t resist snapping the photo below of an iris in bloom just steps away from the north door of the admin building. This is just one example of the beauty that graces our wonderful campus. I was reminded of the devotional passage in yesterday’s Jesus Calling calendar by Sarah Young:

“Heaven is both present and future. As you walk along your life-path holding My hand, you are already in touch with the essence of heaven: nearness to Me. You can also find many hints of heaven along your pathway, because the earth is radiantly alive with My Presence. Shimmering sunshine awakens your heart, gently reminding you of My brilliant Light. Birds and flowers, trees and skies evoke praises to My holy Name. Keep your eyes and ears fully open as you journey with Me.”

This week’s journey includes opportunities to celebrate achievements and academic excellence. Today in chapel the Mountain Breeze will be presented; on Friday we will observe Awards Day and the presentation of the Mountaineer.

Congratulations are in order today for Tina Wood, a teacher assistant and BMC education major. Tina was awarded the state and chapter Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Grant-in-Aid award for students pursuing teacher education.

Many thanks to all who have visited our website or called to register attendance at next week’s inaugural celebration. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. Instructions will be posted on the website for those who are unable to attend but plan to watch the program online.

If your schedule permits, make your way to Garrett at 2:30 on Wednesday for Chas Monaghan’s senior voice recital.

Best wishes to all the Middle Tennessee alums who will gather for a luncheon on Saturday.

Our heartfelt prayers go out today to Derek Keener, whose father recently passed away; to Tera Hill, for the passing of her aunt; and to Lisa Madrigal, whose step-son was killed in the tornado that struck Noxubee County last week.

As Sarah Young notes in her devotional, may the hope of heaven encourage you as you walk along the path of life with our Lord this week.

Dr. Barbara C. McMillin

Posted by Monday Messages on April 15, 2013 at 8:48 AM

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