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Dr. Barbara C. McMillin
August 20, 2012
Off to a Great Start
Good Morning,

I hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend.  Saturday was a busy day on campus with members of the BMC Alumni Association Board on campus and with over 40 worship leaders here for a workshop.  Kudos to Lea Bennett and to Dr. Greg Long for their leadership of these events. 
It feels good to settle in this week to our regular routine after a hectic week of getting everything off to a great start.  Many thanks to everyone but particularly those in enrollment services, admissions, financial aid, the business office, and the registrar’s office.  We are blessed to have 265 residential students, including 165 returning students and 100 new students.  This number includes 143 women and 122 men. (We have two empty beds in men’s housing and three in women’s.)  At this point it appears that we are down in total enrollment from last fall; however, we are still in the process of registering a considerable number of students.  Faculty, thank you for encouraging students to follow through on the registration process.  I will update you as we draw closer to the end of the enrollment period.  We are thankful for every student God has sent our way!
Today in chapel Dr. Meeks introduced this year’s chapel theme:  “Get Engaged:  Getting to the Heart of the Matter.”  On Friday and then again next Monday I will have the opportunity to speak on how this theme relates to our mission and to our expectations for our students.  I covet your prayers.
May God’s blessings be yours today.
Dr. Barbara C. McMillin

Posted by Monday Messages on August 20, 2012 at 10:14 AM

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