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Dr. Barbara C. McMillin
May 11, 2015
Summer Lull
Good Morning,

I hope that all of our moms enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday and that everyone found some time to rest after a marvelous day here on the hill on Saturday. Congratulations once again to each member of the Class of 2015! We feel your absence even today as the summer lull has already settled in.

Allow me to express my gratitude to all who contributed in some way to the success of the two services on Saturday. First, hats off to our stellar faculty for inspiring, challenging, and encouraging each student to stay the course and finish well. I can’t say enough about each of you. Your investment in the lives of these students is life-changing. May God bless each of you for heeding the call to teach, to mentor, and to care.

Kudos to Sharon Enzor, Dale Cutrer, Sheila Freeman, Susie Brady, Sonia Sanders, and Christina Smith for managing the myriad academic issues leading up to commencement.

Congratulations to Jack Moser and Tommy Peters for seeing that each student was in his/her appointed place. Nancy McDonald, Anna Quinn, and Terri Stanford represented our Alumni Association beautifully. Pam Bowman did an outstanding job of planning for and hosting all of our guests, including those who were part of the platform party.

Joan Herrington, Jean Harrington, Amy Thurmond, Susie Brady, Dale Cutrer, Nancy Byrd, Christina Smith, Sonia Sanders, Chris Driskell, Nancy McDonald, Duane Bullard, Tracy Moser, Hailey Horne, and Pam Pharr were excellent greeters, while Lynn Gibson, Lavon Driskell, Taylor Clark, Brad Hill, and Curt Fowler made sure that graduates and guests reached their destinations efficiently and comfortably.

Thanks to Joyce Peters, Rita Newby, and Ann Snyder - caps and gowns were distributed and collected without a hitch. Dot Locke and Renita Gossett manned the campus store so that grads and their families could take home “alumni” t-shirts. Emma Ainsworth, Danny McKenzie, Kevin Barefield, David Harrell, and Jim Gossett ensured that the day was captured for posterity on paper, in photographs, and on the web.

Many thanks to Johnnie Armstrong, Doug Bain, Jim Andre, and Ronald Meeks for leading us in and out so smoothly. Darwin Brooks, Laura Long, Greg Long, and Jerri Lamar Kantack blessed us through their musical talents, setting the tone for two beautiful services. Congratulations to Dr. Teresa Arrington upon her retirement from BMC.

The day was enhanced by the beauty of the campus and by the delicious refreshments served at the reception. Please join me in thanking Joey Etheridge and the NMR team and Deborah Smith and Chef Brett of the MMI team.

And last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to Dr. Futral for his outstanding and memorable messages (look out for those oranges!).

Saturday was a special day for some of our staff because of family members who became graduates of BMC. Deborah Cook celebrated with her son Bryan, Annabeth Barnes celebrated with her mother Karen, and Kayce Carr celebrated with her husband Seth. Beverly Hickey’s son Kyle received the master’s of music degree from the University of Mississippi.

Another of our own earned recognition for completing a graduate degree at Ole Miss on Saturday. Austin Kimbrough received his master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Personnel.

All in all, it was a wonderful day—a day on which the favor of God rested. His mighty hand stayed the storm, blessing us with a lovely day on which to consider all the many ways in which He has ordered our steps throughout 2014-15. Thanks be to God!

Later today, we will welcome to our campus the first of several volunteer groups who will be serving on our campus this summer. Please join me in making the volunteers from Pocahontas Baptist Church feel welcome and appreciated. On Friday we will host a group of visitors from Chewalla Baptist Church, where Delise Teague is a member.

Friday will be the first of several “casual days” as well as the first Friday on which we will close at 3:30 (through August 7).

I will be traveling to Jackson tomorrow to meet with the Nominating Committee of the MBC. Please keep me in your prayers.

Dr. Barbara C. McMillin
Blue Mountain College
PO Box 160
Blue Mountain, MS 38610
662.685.4771 Ext. 130

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, and he delighteth in his way.”
Psalm 37:23


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