Explanation of Format Change 2014 Homecoming on The Hill


The Question has been asked: “Is my class not having a reunion this year?”
The Answer is a resounding “YES!”


Not only classes, and not only classes of 5 year intervals, but ALL classes who want to meet, as well as clubs, societies, majors, Big & Lil Sisses…

This year at Homecoming on The Hill: DYNAMIC DECADES, EVERYONE is getting together in arrangements that they are free to make on their own.  Classes are free to get together at any time during the weekend, with specially designated time on Friday from 2 – 5, and Saturday afternoon (for those not going over to the golf tournament).  Spaces are provided (by decades) to use ALL weekend, for whatever and whenever you would like.  If special arrangements are needed for any group, someone can contact the Office of Alumni Affairs and we will work to make that happen! 


Another Question: Why the change? What’s the deal? (Oh, that’s two questions, isn’t it?)


A Homecoming Committee was formed this year back in the fall; these folks were charged by the Alumni Association president with “upgrading” our annual spring/summer reunion.  A focus group of 12 people from varying age strata, met with the committee in meetings to brainstorm ideas and make recommendations to the committee regarding improvements.

Here are some facts that were taken into consideration as this committee worked to do their task:

  • In the last few years we have noticed that some people like to come EVERY year, not just their “reunion year.” 

  • We’ve also noted that some do not understand that they CAN come every year and any year; they do not have to wait for a formal declaration of their class recognition. 

  • Another prompt to move to celebrate in decades and not just class years at five year intervals, is to hopefully see an increase in event attendance, which has been declining for the last three years in a row. 
  • The committee heard from 3 alums who are in their 20s who felt that moving to the decades gave a more inclusive feel to the event, and therefore was more hospitable.


So, that’s a nutshell version of hours and hours of meetings and preparations for the next Homecoming on The Hill.  We hope that has made the picture clearer and that you can readily share that with your classmates and friends who may have similar questions about the weekend and “the change” they may be noticing.  Encourage folks who do have more questions to contact us.


Lea Bennett, Director
Office of Alumni Affairs
Office - 662.685.4771 ext 119
FAX  - 662.685.4776
Cell - 662.512.8430



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