James L. Travis Scholarship-Application

NOTE: All scholarship recipients must have a current and complete FAFSA on file in the Office of Financial Aid before any scholarship funds are applied to a student's account.
Priority application date is April 1st.
The Travis Scholarship is for men preparing for a church-related vocation who are enrolled in a minimum of twelve semester hours each semester of the academic session.
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Major Subject:
Area of ministry for which you are preparing:
Name of church of which you are a member:
Name of Pastor:
Church Address:
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Public Commitment to Ministry:
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Below list names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three references the committee can contact, if additional information is needed.
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Church-Related Work Information (Salaried jobs) List church name, address, date, type of service, and Monthly Income:
Non-Church-Related Work (Salaried Jobs) list business name, address, dates of employment, and monthly income:
STUDENT APPLICATION AGREEMENT: I agree to uphold the policies of the College and to do my best in developing my talents and abilities. I will participate in the Ministerial Association and other activities designed for ministerial students and will be an active and faithful member of a local Southern Baptist church. I understand and agree that the information provided, including verification of my academic standing, may be used by the Scholarship Selection Committee in the application process and may be released to donors. BY COMPLETING THIS FORM AND ENTERING MY INITIALS BELOW I AM INDICATING MY INTENT TO ELECTRONICALLY SIGN THIS WAIVER AND WARRANT THAT ALL OF THE INFORMATION I HAVE PROVIDED IS TRUE, COMPLETE, AND ACCURATE.
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