Special Event Registration

Before submitting you MUST complete the following: 

  1. Event form must be submitted two weeks prior to the event to the Office of Student Services.
  2. Event must be approved by the appropriate President's Cabinet member.
  3. Event must be placed on the college calendar with the Administrative Assistant in the Office of the President.
  4. Buildings/Rooms/Spaces must be reserved with the appropriate personnel prior to submitting Event Form.
  5. If MMI Dining Services are used, you must make arrangements with them two weeks in advance concerning menu items.

MLB Auditorium - Pam Bowman Hearn Plaza - Jack Moser
Broach - Tracy Moser Library - Derek Cash
Classrooms - Sheila Freeman Ray Dining Hall - Deborah Smith
Conference Rooms - Dale Cutrer Residence Halls - Phillip Laney
Faculty Parlor - Pam Bowman Simmons Field House - Lavon Driskell
Garrett - Greg Long SUB & "The Green" - Phillip Laney
Guest Rooms - Tommy Peters Swimming Pool & Lake Area - Phillip Laney
Gym and Outside Athletic Fields - Lavon Driskell Education Building - Jenetta Waddell
Wellness Center - Amy Thurmond Southplex - Dave McDonald

Following the event, the contact person for the event is responsible for verifing that all spaces, furniture, and items (personal/departmental, etc.) are returned to proper order.