Proposed Constitution and Bylaws Amendments

Alumni Association Board - March 1, 2014

Addition to the Office of Treasurer – Bylaws Section 4.05
Duties of the Association Treasurer for online receipts are to
  • Disperse monies received to the appropriate entities – Association, chapters, and BMC.
  • Disperse monies on a monthly basis.
  • Report monies received and dispersed in the Association’s monthly financial statement.
  • Disperse monies by Association check to the chapters with banking accounts, to chapter leaders who handle chapter monies using a personal account, to the College, or to vendors who serve the Association and/or the College.
  • Receive support from the Director of Alumni Affairs as a secondary source of support.
  • Execute other financial duties that arise related to online services.

Addition to the Immediate Past President – Bylaws Section 4.04
  • Gives leadership to the Association Alumni Awards Program

Addition to the Advisory Council of Past Presidents and Duties of Members – Bylaws Section 4.11
  • The Advisory Council of Past Presidents serves as a resource for the Association’s implementation of the Alumni Awards Program. (See the BMC Alumni Association Awards Program Guidelines, Board of Directors Handbook, Tab 3, “Board of Directors and Councils”)
  • The Immediate Past President or her agent will be responsible for

    • Serving on the Awards Selection Committee appointed by the Association President.
    • Submitting information regarding nominations for publication in College and Association periodicals, publications – electronic and/or printed – and in social media.
    • Receiving all Nominations submitted through the BMC Office of Alumni Affairs.
    • Distributing names and information of nominees to Awards Selection Committee.
    • Assisting in the presentation and display of awards.
    • Maintaining an Alumni Awards Book of Nominations, which will contain the following:
  • Sections listed by Award
  • Nominees for each award and substantiating information related to the nominee (nominations are kept in this book for three [3] years and then archived)
  • Recipients for each award
  • Copy of the Award
  • Picture of the Recipient

Duties of the Social Media Coordinator
  • Coordinates with the BMC Office of Alumni Affairs regarding
    • Information for publication to Social Media.
    • Decisions regarding venue for publications.
    • Meeting criteria for publication based on College and Association policy.
  • Assists Association and Chapter leaders in abiding by the Association’s Social Media policy and monitors such activities under the auspices of the Association.

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