Blue Mountain College's student activities and organizations are designed to              enhance the overall educational experience of BMC students. The College offers student                    organizations where students can socialize, interact, and experience leadership opportunities.

          Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary theatre society. The Blue Mountain College chapter was established in 1948. Membership is extended to students who have demonstrated a high standard of work in theatre.

Baptist Student Union

The Baptist Student Union is an organization which strives to coordinate the various religious activities on campus and to stimulate spiritual growth. A balanced program of Christian fellowship, service, small-group Bible study, worship, and witness is provided. A full-time director is in charge of Broach Hall, the BSU building, and all of the  activities of the organization.

BMC Ambassadors

The purpose of this organization is to promote active engagement and closer fellowship between the alumnae of the College and current students of the College; to work with the Alumnae Association in perpetuating the traditions, spirit, and ideals of Blue Mountain College as exemplified by the Founders; to advance the interest of the College through every reasonable means; to serve with the Alumnae Association and the College in mutual areas of involvement and interest; and to act as a channel of information and encouragement between the alumnae of the College and the current students.

Campus Kappa Kappa Iota

The Campus Kappa Kappa Iota offers opportunities to the woman college student of good reputation and character who has been admitted into the teacher education program. All members must maintain at least a 2.50 grade point average. The organization offers personal, career, and leadership development; service to education and the community; and lasting friendships.

Cap and Gown Honor Society

The Cap and Gown Honor Society is an honor society for junior and senior students with scholastic standing in the upper one-fourth of the class. The purpose of the organization is to advance a spirit of scholarship, recognize and encourage leadership, and provide opportunities for community service. 


Centerstage is the Blue Mountain College theatre club. Membership is open to anyone interested the theatre. Members of Centerstage, along with Alpha Psi Omega, plan several trips each year to see theatre performances.

English Club

Membership is open to English majors and minors. Projects include guest speakers, visits to drama productions, and a spring poetry reading.

Intramural Association

The object of this association shall be the promotion of participation in intramural sports by the students, the development not only of the body but also of the mind in fair play and good sportsmanship, stimulation of health consciousness, and the encouragement of activities which promote good health. The association is served by a twelve-member council elected by the students.

(Academic) Honor Societies

Blue Mountain College is proud to have the following honor societies of which students, faculty and staff are annually inducted:

* BIOLOGICAL HONOR SOCIETY:  Pi Tau Chapter of Beta Beta Beta (Chartered 2007)
* EDUCATION HONOR SOCIETY:  Alpha Delta Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi (Chartered 2008)
* ENGLISH HONOR SOCIETY:  Alpha Omicron Delta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta (Chartered 2007)
  Theta Alpha Kappa (Chartered 2007)
* SOCIAL SCIENCES HONOR SOCIETY:  Theta Chapter of Pi Gamma Mu (Chartered 2007)


Membership is open to women interested in pursuing full-time Christian vocations. The purpose of the organization is twofold: to promote and encourage Christian growth through fellowship with like-minded women and to inform women of the many opportunities open to them for Christian service. Attendance at the monthly meeting is required of all women students receiving aid from the Board of Ministerial Education and/or receiving CRV scholarships.

Ministerial Association

The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the relationship between the college and male students who are called into church-related vocations, to provide fellowship, to provide a peer support system, to provide practical insights into a variety of ministry experiences and to maintain the highest standards of honor in every phase of college life. Attendance at the weekly meeting is required of all students receiving aid from the Board of Ministerial Education and/or receiving CRV scholarships.

Apple Club

Membership is open to students enrolled in or preparing to enter an education program. The purposes of the organization are to increase interest in the field of education, to aid prospective teachers in understanding the role of the professional educator in society, and to encourage personal professional growth through participation in the work of the local, state, and national organization such as MPE or MAE-SP. 

Modern Foreign Language Club

Membership is open to any student currently enrolled in Spanish classes or who has an interest in Hispanic life and culture. Meetings are monthly, with occasional evening film presentations or dinners at local Hispanic restaurants.

Phi Beta Lambda

The purpose of this chapter is to provide as an integral part of the instructional program additional opportunities for students in business and/or business-related fields to develop career supportive competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibilities. Members are also given opportunities to compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills.

Physical Education and Kinesiology Club

The purpose of the club is to provide useful and informative programs, discussions, and demonstrations in the varied areas of physical education for members who must be majors or minors in physical education.

Psychology Club

Membership is open to students majoring or minoring in psychology. The purpose of the club is to provide field trips, information, fellowship, and an enhanced awareness of the growing field of psychology.


The purpose of the organization is to promote creative writing activities of students. Students interested in writing creatively are encouraged to join. The Scribblers organization publishes the Mountain Breeze, an annual journal of essays, poetry, and short stories written by students and faculty of the college. Membership in the organization is competitive. Bids are extended twice yearly to students who demonstrate exceptional writing ability.

Sigma Sigma Gamma

Sponsored by the Social Science Department, Sigma Sigma Gamma promotes a camaraderie among students working toward a major or minor in social science and provides opportunities for students to participate in programs of both historical and current interests.

Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Omicron Delta Chapter

The central purpose of the International English Honor Society and this chapter is to confer distinction upon outstanding students of the English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. 


Societies provide students an opportunity to belong to a small social group. The societies at Blue Mountain College differ from sororities at big universities in a special way. At Blue Mountain College, the student has the option of deciding which of the three female societies she will join or which of the two male societies he will join-the society does not decide whether or not to accept the student.

Eunomian Society
Organized in 1879 by Mrs. Janie Lowrey Sanford Graves as a literary society. Motto: "Quality," Colors: Gold and White. Flower: Daisy.

Euzelian Society
Organized in 1882 by Mrs. Emily Rutherford. Motto: "Culture, Poise, Power." Colors: Blue and white. Flower: Gardenia.

Modenian Society
Organized in 1907 by the Blue Mountain College faculty. Motto: "Originality." Colors: Red and white. Flower: Red rose.

             Berean Society
          As a result of BMC becoming a co-educational institution, the Berean Society was                       established during the 2006-2007 school year. Motto: “Possessing the Right Heart”. Colors:           “Navy Blue and Orange”. Symbol: Grail Cross. Mascot: Ninja Turtles. Scripture: Acts                     17:10-11.

          Ekklesian Society
          As a result of BMC becoming a co-educational institution, the Ekklesian Society was                    established during the 2006-2007 school year. Motto: “Authentic”. Colors: “Red and Black”.            Symbol: TBD. Mascot: “Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes Gang.” Scripture: I Peter 2:9

Society of Mathematicians and Scientists

Membership is open to students who are majoring either in mathematics or one of the sciences. The purpose is to provide a wider background through varied programs and field trips. 

Student Body Association

This organization is the official representative of all students. The purpose of the SBA is to encourage participation in a wide variety of campus activities, to maintain the best ideals of Blue Mountain College, to train students in the practice and principles of self-government, and to maintain the highest standards of honor in every phase of college life.

Vivace Club

The club is the organization for music majors and minors. Membership is open to all students interested in music. Vivace strives to stimulate interest in music throughout the campus. The club presents informative programs on special phases of music each semester. Vivace furnishes ushers for music recitals/programs and oordinates receptions for guest artists, music faculty, and senior student recitals.


Blue Mountain College Student Handbook

The Blue Mountain College Student Handbook is prepared by the Office of Enrollment Services and Student Life in consultation with the Student Body Association, the Ministerial Association, and the Student Development and Services Committee. The handbook contains the rules and regulations with which all students should be familiar. The handbook also contains information regarding campus organizations and activities in which students are encouraged to participate. The student handbook can be accessed at the Student Handbook link.

Mountain Breeze

The student literary journal containing short stories, poetry, essays, and criticism is published by the Scribblers, the creative writing club. Contributions for The Mountain Breeze are solicited from the entire student body as well as from faculty and staff.


The student yearbook is published by a student staff working on a volunteer basis.  The Mountaineer presents a pictorial record of campus life and the environment which makes Blue Mountain College so special.

Phi Beta Lambda


Intramural Association

Cap and Gown

Math and Science Club

Sigma Sigma Gamma


Ministerial Association

Modern Language Club

Psychology Club


Sigma Tau Delta

Apple Club

Vivace Club

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