Blue Mountain College Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education

Junior and Senior Level Curriculum for Elementary Education (K-3, K-6)
First Semester, Junior Year, 16 - 19 hours
ED 216   Introduction to Education (3 semester hours)
* ED 217 Praxis Core Preparation (1 semester hour)
ED 280   Creative Expressions (3 semester hours)
ED 350   Survey of Learners with Exceptionalities (3 semester hours)
ED 420   Physical Education for Children (3 semester hours)
Concentration Course
* Required for students who have not passed the Praxis Core or do not have the ACT exemption
Second Semester, Junior Year, 15 – 18 hours
ED 364, Integrated Science and Social Studies for Children (3 semester hours)
ED 372   Mathematics for Children (3 semester hours)
ED 400   Theories of Learning (3 semester hours)
ED 401   Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Preparation (1 semester hour)
ED 340   Tests and Measurements (3 semester hours)
ED 424 Classroom and Behavior Management (3 semester hours) 
Concentration Course
First Semester, Senior Year, 15 – 18 hours
ED 321   Early Literacy I (3 semester hours)
ED 322   Early Literacy II (3 semester hours)
ED 323   Content Literacy K-6 (3 semester hours)
ED 361 Teaching of the Language Arts (3 semester hours)
ED 383   Literature for Children and Young Adults (3 semester hours)

Concentration Course
Second Semester, Senior Year, 12 – 15 hours
ED 477   Internship in Elementary Education (12 semester hours)
Concentration Course
  • Courses in bold require admission to the TEP.
  • Course in bold and underlined requires admission to the teacher internship semester.

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