The purpose of the General Education Program is to prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Inspired by and consistent with the mission as a Christian College, the program is designed to instill skills, knowledge, and attitudes deem necessary for disciplined study, global awareness, personal development and reasoned response to a changing world. This educational experience should assist students as they build majors and minors and pursue meaningful careers in service to God and one another.
The three learning areas of the core curriculum are:
  • Analytical Reasoning and Effective Communication
  • Personal Values and Attitudes
  • Social and Cultural Understanding
To better understand the online general education courses:
  • All courses are 8 weeks long
  • All faculty are professing Christians and teach from a Christian worldview
  • All faculty have outstanding academic credentials as well as real-world experiences
  • All courses are designed to enable students to complete degree requirements when enrolled in on-ground or on-line programs



Mrs. Chris Driskell

Coordinator of Online General Education

Office: Administration Building, Room 40

Office Phone: (662) 685-4771 (Ext. 169)

College Cell Phone: (662) 587-0922



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