The online Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice at Blue Mountain College was designed with the needs of students and criminal justice personnel in mind.  Most criminal justice professional need the flexibility our online degree provides.  You will be able to study and complete your class work when your schedule allows.

A career in criminal justice offers the rewarding challenge of helping others reach their fullest potential.  It also provides opportunities for significant personal and professional growth.  Blue Mountain College focuses on preparing students for their careers by offering a strong criminal justice curriculum with an emphasis on a Christian worldview.  Courses are taught by outstanding faculty who work to see students succeed.

Blue Mountain College's affordable online Criminal Justice allows you to complete your degree online.  You will be able to arrange your study times according to your own schedule.

Here are few things that will help you to better understand the online criminal justice degree at Blue Mountain College:

  • All courses are 8 weeks long
  • Cost is $400 per semester hour
  • Online Video Proctoring Fee $15
  • Online courses are offered in two 8-week bi-terms during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
  • Financial Aid is available
  • All faculty are professing Christians and teach from a Christian worldview
  • All Faculty have outstanding academic credentials, and they have real-world experience

Criminal Justice Course Listings:

CJ 120 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 240 Juvenile Justice
CJ 260 Introduction to Corrections
CJ 280 Police Administration and Organization
CJ 320 Criminal Investigations
CJ 340 Understanding the Criminal Mind
CJ 360 Criminology
CJ 380 Criminal Law
CJ 420 Introduction to Forensic Science
CJ 445 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
CJ 470 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice
CJ 480 Internship in Criminal Justice

*The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice requires a total of 120 hours which can all be earned online.


Dr. Terry Taylor
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Office: Fisher-Washburn Hall, 204
Office Phone: 662-685-4771 (Ext. 157)