The Department of Fine Arts announced that BMC will be producing the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Oklahoma! for the fall production during Oct. 3-6, 2018.

Oklahoma! will be directed by Christi Mitchell, Dr. Jerri Lamar Kantack serving as Musical Director and Choreography by Ronda DeFazio.

Director’s Notes:
We are looking to produce a fun show, and Oklahoma! is the epitome of the Golden Age Musical. While this show is a musical comedy, these characters should be portrayed as real people-not caricatures. These auditions will be open to the public, but the priority will be given to Blue Mountain College students. We encourage folks to be familiar with the script and characters.


Oklahoma!, Rogers and Hammersteins's Pulitzer Prize winning show follows the trials and tribulations of young love. Set against the turn-of-the-century backdrop of the American west, one of Broadway's most popular and beloved scores comes alive, sweeping across the stage as farmers and cowboys alike kick up their heels and hitch their wagons to the groundbreaking birth of a brand new state!

Auditions will take place in Garrett Hall Auditorium on Thursday, August 16th from 6 to 9 pm.
Call backs will take place in Garrett Hall Auditorium on Friday, August 17th from 3 to 5 pm.

The audition will consist of vocals, acting and movement. Come dressed in comfortable clothing that you can move and dance in. If you have character shoes, please wear them.

You will have to sign in and complete an audition form. Be aware of any possible conflicts you may have with rehearsals (which will usually he held in the early evenings M, T, TR, & F) and performance dates (Oct. 3-6).

Vocal Auditions
For the vocal audition, please prepare the songs according to the role(s) you are seeking. For questions regarding the music and/or preparation, please contact Dr. Jerri Lamar Kantack at 662-685-4771 (ext. 163).

LAUREY - Soprano.  Although not worldly and sometimes conflicted, she has an air of knowledge.  Spirited and strong-willed.  Loves Curly, although she may be unaware of it at times. 
Vocal Audition: “Many A New Day”

CURLY - Baritone. Handsome and romantic. Has a confident swagger that comes in handy to mask a certain lack of confidence, particularly when it comes to Laurey.  He loves her and refuses to admit it, but will sacrifice anything for her.
Vocal Audition: “What a Beautiful Morning”

AUNT ELLER - Mezzo. Good-natured and no-nonsense farm woman.  A woman of the land, she has a certain feminine ruggedness about her.
Vocal Audition: “The Farmer and the Cowman”

WILL PARKER - Tenor. Rodeo cowboy who loves the attention it gets him.  Proud, flirtatious, and rambunctious, he has the kind of charm that allows you to forgive his lack of smarts.  Good dancer a plus.
Vocal Audition: “Kansas City”

JUD FRY - Baritone.  A farmhand.  Physically powerful.  A dark and brooding misfit.  Socially awkward, he has a quiet detachment that is generally misunderstood by others and seen as disturbing.  He has feelings for Laurey, but lacking the ease that Curly possesses, he sees himself as a failure with women.
Vocal Audition: “Lonely Room”

ADO ANNIE - Mezzo - Soprano. A vivacious and happy girl. She is particularly boy-crazy, which works in her favor as men seem to take notice. Her dim-wittedness is merely an act designed to make herself appealing to whomever she has her eye on.  But deep-down, her eye is mostly on Will.
Vocal Audition: “I Caint Say No”

ALI HAKIM - Baritone. A traveling salesman who deals in pretty things and takes notice in pretty women.  Thinks he is the cat’s meow-comic character.
Vocal Audition: “It’s a Scandal”

ANDREW CARNES - Tenor. Ado Annie’s very protective father. Suspicious and quickly riled.
Vocal Audition:
 “Farmer and the Cowman”

GERTIE CUMMINGS - Alto or Soprano.  Pretty girl who seems quite the catch…until she belts out her unique and grating laugh, which no amount of beauty can overcome.
Vocal Audition: Annoying laugh and “Oklahoma”

IKE SKIDMORE - Baritone.  Owner of a nearby ranch.  Well-to-do with a certain sophistication. Hosts the box social.
Vocal Audition: “Oklahoma”

CORD ELAM - Local sheriff.  Authoritative.
Vocal Audition: “Oklahoma”

ENSEMBLE - singers and dancers for a variety of roles. 
Vocal Audition:

Acting Auditions
We will have prepared cold readings of sides for the acting auditions. If possible, please read the script prior to auditioning.

Please be aware that the script is written with a specific dialect in mind. Do your best to interpret the words on the page for the cold reading.

From the script:                              A NOTE ON THE DIALECT

Through his libretto and lyrics to OKLAHOMA! Oscar Hammerstein II sought to capture the dialect of its specific time and place—Indian Territory, circa 1907. The language, therefore, was meticulously crafted, and used as a guide to the original company of actors, who were well trained in elocution. Hammerstein knew that he would hear what was in his script, and using dialect would insure the authenticity or at least the consistency of the world he was creating. His dialect has been preserved in this reproduction of the original published script.

Movement Auditions
The movement portion will assess positive attitudes and abilities. Folks interested in the ballet Dream Sequence, please make note of that on your audition form. Women, please wear long skirts.

For questions, please contact Christi Mitchell at

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