Dr. David Haynes—Class of 2010
Pastor, Lake Drive Baptist Church
Sale Creek, TN

“The Biblical Studies department helped me develop theological tools which I use every week as a pastor. Dr. Bain and Dr. Meeks teach the timeless truths of God’s Word to new generations of students. My educational experience ranged from learning the classical language of Greek to understanding modern conceptions of biblical exposition. The biblical Studies department at BMC was instrumental in showing me how to study, practice, and teach God’s Word. (Ezra 7:10)”

Chris and Ashley Ferguson—Class of 2009

Chris—“When I first came to BMC, I had a general knowledge of the Bible. I knew the common stories, the books of the Bible, and other basics. By the time I graduated, I had gained a passion for the Word of God. The great passion of the professors in the Biblical Studies department was one I gladly shared after learning from such knowledgeable men of integrity. These men not only taught me the Bible while living out what the Bible teaches, but they challenged me to go deeper in my study of the Word of God while challenging me to live according to the Word as well. I am very grateful for the Biblical Studies department at BMC.”
Ashley—“I came to BMC in pursuit of my own endeavors. After sitting in just one of Dr. Meeks’ introductory Bible classes, I knew God was calling me to further study His Word. In obedience to His calling, I majored in Biblical Studies, unaware of what he had in store for me. After completing my degree, I had not only taken Old Testament and New Testament classes, but I had taken Greek classes, church history classes, ethics and missions classes, and a bit of philosophy. With every class and the words of professors who are well-respected in and out of the classroom, I grew in the knowledge of God and His Church. The Biblical Studies department prepared me better to serve my Lord in ministry. I am incredibly thankful for the professors’ investment in students like me who desire to grow in knowledge of God and to minister to His people.”

Nicholas Hughes—Class of 2009

“While seeking a solid undergraduate education to prepare me academically for the challenges of seminary and life-long ministry, I was most attracted to the Biblical Studies department at BMC. It was in this environment that I gained a balanced degree program, and it was through this department that I was given the tools essential for understanding Scripture in context, how to apply its truth to my life, and extend it to others. The degree program was intensely academic, but also abundantly practical. It was during my studies here that I understood what it means to be a part of an on-going church history, and even to be on mission with God. I thank God for this department and its professors, who not only taught me rich academics, but who taught me the value of rising to the occasion to meet life’s challenges. The Biblical Studies department was small enough that my professors not only knew my name, but they knew me, and they cared enough that they expected nothing less of me than my absolute best. I recommend it without reservation to anyone interested in seriously preparing for higher theological education and life-long ministry.”