Majors in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry

Degrees offered

Bachelor of Arts in/Biblical Studies


Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

The B.A. in Biblical Studies offers training and study that is substantial and thorough while preparing the majors to continue on to graduate study. The degree is offered for students who wish to explore faithfully and carefully biblical content and context, theological and ethical issues and insights, perspectives from church history, Koine Greek language preparation, and Christian engagement with the contemporary world.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry

The B.S. in Christian Ministry contributes to the experience of a well-informed Christian background and the practice of a church-oriented ministry. Students are offered biblically oriented principles and perspectives that contribute in a practical way to addressing needs in a pluralistic society, to personal wholeness and community morality, and to the construction of a Christian worldview.

For those student majors not pursuing a vocational ministry, there is the personal fulfillment and satisfaction of formal instruction in Christian truth which will be useful to them in their service in the local congregation and community.

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