“It [Life] is so daily.”
- Charles R. Swindoll

This simple statement by Chuck Swindoll, as he echoes a voice of wisdom from his past, is so true for all of us; and especially us here at Blue Mountain College.  BMC, much like a family, has daily needs in operating the College.  One of the best ways to invest in the lives of students is by giving to the Annual Fund, the account that meets the daily needs of the College.   Every gift, no matter the amount, does make a difference for our students. 

Your gift helps maintain and operate academic, residential, and athletic facilities and it also ensures:

•    smaller class sizes
•    a positive living and learning environment
•    a safe and secure, faith-centered campus

Your gift enables BMC to remain competitive in recruiting and retaining the kind of students who are a good match for the College and your gift helps in attracting outstanding faculty members. 

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