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Other Registrants

Class of 1946
Class of 1953
Bonnie Howard Brooks
Kathryn Golding Peeples

Johnnie Armstrong
Class of 1956
Class of 1958
Imogene Mauney Hardon
Faye Pepper
Nancy Browning Galatas
Alva W. Brent
Louise Horn Barrett
Class of 1959
Dorothy Holmes Bennett
Jean Powell Harrington
Patty Huddleston Sullender
Judy Bennett Foley

Class of 1960
Class of 1961
Carolyn Mounce
Anna Jackson Quinn
Class of 1962
Nancy Buchanan Hart
Sue Randolph Jarvis
Betty Graham Bennett
Class of 1964
Margaret Chavis Smith
Sarah Frances Spain

Janice Nicholson

Class of 1965 
Class of 1966
Glenda Hodges Robinson
Laura Grisham Medley
Frances Magers Massey
Temple Triplett Lauer
JiJi Smith Jonas
Sylvia Pugh Elliott
Class of 1967
Rose Lazenby Kemmer
Constance "Connie" Russell
Sharon Ball Enzor
Lana Hill Anderson
Mary Lynn Shadburn
Class of 1968
JoAnne Hopkins Baker
Carolyn Olive Rhodes
Sandra Mitchell Harris
Class of 1969
Carolyn Childers Saunders
Donna Brown
Joanna Hill Carter
Charlotte Bryant Madison
Bea Lawson Smith
Class of 1970
Sherra Whiteside Owen
Ginger Herrington Davis
Clara Sprayberry Morrissey
Kathy McKinney McCarthy
Minnie May Owen Gilmore
Class of 1972
Cheryl Aultman Bourne
Lyn Bennett Melton

Pamela Baker Drake

 Kitty Sanders King
Class of 1971
Victoria Herrington Goeders
Audrey Snow Caldwell
Class of 1974
Sherra Smith Bowling
Jerry Beaty
Mary Ann Hall Langston
Joy Hurt Hill
Barbara Rahrer
Brenda McGee McMurray
Lynne Mayhall Heaven
Wanda Weatherly Chalk
Roxanne Tucker King
Deborah Carter Sanders
Shirley Mohundro Gustman
Lea Smith Bennett
Kathy Little Voyles

Jill McGinnis Fletcher
Class of 1975

Anita Crump Eddings
Class of 1976
Beverly Hemphill Moffitt
Robin Smith Moody
Glen Bearden Hobbs
Lori Dean Funderburk
Cindy Boyd Steen
Cora Jones Davidson
Class of 1977
Anita McCormick Russell
Rita Knowles Newby
Leah Baker Crawford
Nebra Counce King
Janie Waggoner
Gerry Jones Hood
Emma Ainsworth
Vicki Price

Class of 1981

Sharron Rose Finney
Joyce Hodges Peters
Linda Aston Person
Mary Jo Miller Leslie

Marcia Plunk
Class of 1978
Tammie Britton Worsham
Renelda Pharr Owen
Mark Worsham
Class of 1979

Audrey Watson Roby

Emily Crump Hayes
Laura Morris Gard
Class of 1980
Lela Smith Hale
Teresa Lau Jenkins

Class of 1982
Class of 1986
Nancy Hopps McDonald
Michele Alexander Denham
Class of 1984
Sheila White Ward
Pamela Lewellen Pharr

Bengie Foley
Class of 1996
Lisa Gay Calhoun
Fancy Bennett Fowler
Class of 1985
Ginger Stalls Norman
Delise Teague
Elaine Sims Watson
Becky Spight Robinson
Class of 2006
Class of 1988
Gary Linville
Nola Powell Piland
Jennifer Worsham Powell
Class of 1993

Stephanie Seward Hart
Class of 2011

Class of 1994

Thomas Magers II
Jennifer Enzor Chambers

Class of 1998

Laura Plunk

Class of 1999
David Randall McDonald
Teresa Pullen Ohler
Jenetta Waddell

Class of 2003

Heather Carpenter Linville

Maria Teel

Class of 2007

Joy Davis Holmes

Carol Peters

Class of 2009

Brittney Cloyd

Beth Anne Roby

Christina Teel Smith

Class of 2013

Amanda Johnson Magers

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For those of you who wish to get a sneak peek, or who do not wish to receive a hard copy, click here to download a PDF copy.

Nancy Hopps McDonald,
BMC 1982, Blue Mountain, MS
Office of Alumni Affairs, Director
P.O. Box 160  / Blue Mountain, MS 38610  / 662-685-4771 (Ext. 119)


Alumni Calendar
 June 3 - Friday
10:00 am Homecoming on the Hill 2016
8:45 pm Fine Arts Affinity Group
 June 4 - Saturday
7:30 am Homecoming on the Hill 2016

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Follies Video

You can see the 2015 Homecoming on the Hill Follies online now via streaming video!  Here are the links: