Blue Mountain College Alumni Association Board of Directors – 2012-2014 

Meet in Full Board Session

A full board meeting of the Blue Mountain College Alumni Association will convene on Saturday, March 2, 2013 on the BMC campus. 

The Board will be putting feet to the plans for HOMECOMING on THE HILL 2013 – THE SWEET, SWEET SPIRIT IN THIS PLACE:  Celebrating the Providence of GOD.  This promises to be an exciting reunion time on The Hill.  The Board will be working to make it the most hospitable and meaningful reunion weekend to date.  

Among the special guests for the weekend will be the CLASS of 1963 who will be inducted into the distinguished GOLDEN FLAME SOCIETY by BMC’s new president Dr. Barbara Childers McMillin.  The luncheon venue where this celebration ensues is the GOLDEN FLAME LUNCHEON on Friday, June 7.  Guest keynote speaker for the luncheon will be one of BMC’s favorite “sons” – Dr. Tim Townsend, husband of Carol Tyler Townsend, BMC 1963; and son of Sybil Brame Townsend Warren, BMC 1931.  

The meeting of the BMC Alumni Association Board of Directors will include the executive members of the Board as well as the three councils which complete the board team:

•    Area Council, comprised of representatives from geographic areas with sufficient alumni population to have chapters and fellowships of BMC alumni. 
This Council is chaired by ANNA JACKSON QUINN, Association Vice President.

•    Academic Council, Board appointed representatives, current or former faculty, from the academic divisions (disciplines) of the College. 
This Council is chaired by SHARON ENZOR, BMC Vice President for Academic Affairs.  

•    Advisory Council of Past Presidents, former presidents of the Alumni Association. 
This Council is chaired by KATHIE WESSELS WILSON, Immediate Past President of the Association. 

While the duties and expectations of these councils are distinct, they work in close harmony and with clarity of purpose to achieve the objectives of the Association.  Please PRAY for this group as they strive to plan and implement strategies that will:

•    Strengthen the bonds between Alumni and the College
•    Develop services, programs, and activities that will serve the Alumni and the College
•    Encourage current students by engaging with them in activities and events
•    Actively recruit prospective students

•    Work to identify and secure resources to support the Mission and Vision of Blue Mountain College.

There are high expectations for an excellent meeting of the full board.  The members of this special group, whose volunteering of time, talent and resources manifests so well their love and appreciation for our alma mater, are really making a difference at Blue Mountain College.


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